Jeff O. Photography

For years I took photos of dance recitals, horse shows, and events for friends and family - any chance to photograph the human condition in motion. Recently I stepped away from action photos and have dived into portraits, landscapes, and street photography. I admit some photos are good, and some photos are "experimental" (not so good). Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. 

Although I make a living outside photography, I have enjoyed taking pictures my whole life; as a boy my father introduced me to film photography on a Pentax ME Super in the mid 1980s and I was hooked. A Canon guy for the past 30+ years, I also enjoy drone and mobile phone shots too. I use this website to share my pictures with friends and family. Photos can be downloaded or printed through an Mpix store catalog. Thanks for visiting. 


Personal Motto:

一期一会 | Ichi-go Ichi-e. | "One time, one meeting".
Or, treasure every encounter for it will never reoccur.